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The Storti Model of intervention personifies the motivational, inspirational and spiritual method of working with the addictive person. It encompasses the family and brings about a moment in one’s life where the solution (treatment) is offered as a gift. The Storti Model brings about a group of people who honor the patient on the day of the intervention, presenting treatment as a gift, new life and rebirth.

In the Storti Model the power of the intervention rests in its appeal to the heart of the patient—not the mind. The intervention communicates kindness and respect. Its purpose is not primarily to give the patient information or to get the patient to fully admit to the extent of the disease. The simpler and more powerful goal of motivating the patient to accept the solution as a gift is the Model’s aim.

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I Welcome You To My Site


I welcome you to my site and hope that the information presented will answer your questions. I realize that many of you who are seeking answers are fearful, frustrated, and exhausted. There is hope and to intervene is to alter the destiny of the illness.

There is no failure to the intervention process but there are different results. Any competent intervention specialist can determine the risk factors of your situation (a proper assessment is mandatory prior to going forward with the intervention procedure).

So many families wait and keep hoping your loved one; friend or colleague will get help on his or her own. Yet time goes by and the pain or misery continues. His/her prison becomes yours. To intervene is being proactive versus reactive.

In 32 years and 3,500 cases later, I have seen miracles occur in family’s lives. Families that would have struggled for years have come to see a rebirth for their loved ones and themselves. Instead of a tragedy, a well-orchestrated procedure motivated their loved one to accept help and the transformation to sanity was restored. To intervene and be allowed in an intimate moment with a family is a cherished experience. I wish you, the finest most positive experience for yourself and your loved one.

I invite you to use this site and follow the links to other sites that will assist you in learning about the disease of addiction. If you believe that the Storti Model of motivational intervention may be a means to treatment for your loved one-- then, I welcome your call. Always remember there is hope.

Ed Storti


What Makes the Stort Model™ Different?

The Storti intervention specialist is a major contributor in the meeting and gives positive motivational energy to the group and to the patient. This differs from some other models where the interventionist takes a background or educators role. The specialist directs and facilitates a motivational enhancement process under the Storti Model.

The procedure is motivational, not clinical. It elaborates on the patient’s positive character traits. It does not dwell on the negative examples from the patient’s history. Even when specific information about the patient’s behavior is used in the intervention, the interventionist and the group put it in a positive content.

It is not leverage based. This means that you don’t convey harsh consequences to the patient. The intervention provides instead a gift of life--a rebirth. Under the Storti Model, the intervention is presented with dignity and respect.

The procedure is accelerated in time. The timetable from assessment to preparation to intervention is as rapid as possible. This assures greater participation by friends and loved ones.

The intervention procedure is personalized for your family and friends. The Storti Model is adapted and modified to your case, so it can be brought to the patient in the most acceptable and receivable way—we look for ways of presenting to the patient that they will respond to. The patient’s response is typically more positive because the patient’s family and friends play a role in finding a sensitive way in presenting the issue.


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