Crisis Intervention: Acting Against Addiction was first published in 1988 and was a bestseller. This is the first independent printing of the book, self-published by Ed Storti to fulfill frequent requests for the unavailable book. With some edits to bring the book up to date, this special edition of Crisis Intervention is a keepsake and recommended for every recovery library.

In case studies culled from the more than 1,000 interventions he has performed, Storti describes the technique of involving the addict’s family, friends and co-workers in a program designed to persuade the substance-dependent person to seek help in a treatment center. In one of the first books about addiction intervention, the author delineates professional standards to be looked for in selecting an interventionist.

Intervention Training 102

Guided instruction from two accomplished interventionists to achieve certification, set up your business professionally, and cultivate business methods to ensure you are paid fairly.

Exceeding Expectations | The ABCs of Notetaking | Assessment, Preparation, Intervention | Case Management | Certification | Insurance, Contracts and Business Tools | Interview Techniques | Proven Styles and Methods | Personal Style and Methods Development

Ed Storti Podcast Episode 2: Mike Schaub

Ed Storti and Mike Schaub talk about the evolution of alcoholism and addiction treatment, as well as Mike Schaub's own journey. Mike Schaub is Senior Director of Community Relations for Social Model Recovery Systems.



Glen Hadley's Perspective Matters with Ed Storti

I joined Joe Capela on Perspective Matters hosted by Glen Hadley on this Facebook Live event. We discussed the evolution of the intervention process and treatment itself.



Watch Ed Storti on Facebook Live!

Ed Storti talks about how a family can address a post-treatment situation where they are concerned a family member is not following their continuing care program. They may be seeing behavior similar to what led to a treatment program, and Ed will provides solution for what to do.  WATCH NOW



Lecture Series for Treatment Providers

Lecture Series for Treatment Providers

This Is a Format of Presentations That Ed Has Refined Over the Years
Fundamentals of the Storti Model

Fundamentals of the Storti Model

What Makes My Model Different?

Publications and Videos

Publications and Videos

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Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

"Heart to Heart" Presents Stories from Mr. Storti's Experiences that Inform and Inspire People Who Want to Know What to Expect from Addiction