A Workshop for Staff

Wednesday June 5th, 2019 8:30am - 12:30pm

4 CEHs | $75 per person

LOCATION: Our Savior’s Lutheran Church
370 Junipero Avenue Long Beach, CA 90814

Includes materials, training, CEHs, coffee and refreshments, and Heart to Heart

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Simply put, Ed Storti is a beacon of light for managers and leaders to aspire towards in terms of their approach to professionalism and communicating both internally with employees but externally with business partners. When I asked Ed to present to my staff about how to carry themselves in and out of our environment, I was skeptical that his talk would have a lasting impact on my staff. Not only did he inspire our staff to up their game, he inspired me as the leader to invest the time to improve my own presentation and leadership skills. Ed is one of the most powerful, insightful, compassionate and impactful presenters I’ve ever encountered in my career. You should hire him and you won’t regret it!

William Morrison, CEO Constellation Behavior Health

Delivering the Promise of Professional Care

The personal introduction into any healthcare setting (a professional business) is a critical time of building a positive relationship. Everyday, treatment (service) of the client (customer) and their family is a measure of quality, which can be severely impacted by a negative perception of professionalism.

When a staffing environment mirrors established best practices, customer satisfaction is attained leading to client acceptance, appreciation, and word of mouth referrals. In a clinical setting, there must be differentiation between the patient and the staff (in consideration that the patient is sick). How this professional tone is implemented is the key to exceeding the client’s expectations.

When staff disharmony is projected, immediately it sets a negative message to those looking for professional excellence and quality care.

Customer relations are critical in every business and addiction treatment centers are no different. Employees all have about the same issues that need to be managed and refined in servicing the customer, regardless of the industry.

Due to the major growth in addiction treatment, this workshop is critical not only to the employer, but to the employee.

Being a grandparent of the Intervention movement in the United States, Ed Storti is revered and respected by all who have followed his career. Although there are numerous reasons for this reputation, one of them is his impeccable professionalism,steadfastly maintained throughout his auspicious career. This professionalism is evident in his personal life, interventions, lectures and leadership and will be a cornerstone of his legacy.

Cherlyne Short Majors, PhD Consultant and Executive Coach

About the Presenter Ed Storti

Ed Storti pioneered the concept of motivational Intervention starting in 1973; with his best selling book, Crisis Intervention : Acting Against Addiction in 1988, a chronicle of his early work in creating a positive moment in the addicts and families life. Medical centers, chemical dependency facilities, universities and national conferences request Ed’s educational lectures and presentations. The Storti Model of Intervention personifies the motivational, inspirational and spiritual method of working with the addictive person. His authored books include Crisis Intervention: Acting Against Addiction and Heart to Heart: The Honorable Approach to Motivational Intervention (Carlton Press, 1995, republished 2001). Two documentaries featured on television that highlighted his Storti Model of Motivational Intervention are The Party’s Over, Lifetime Television and The Journey Back, PBS Television. READ MORE

At Cirque Lodge we have always aspired to be the best of the best in our field. I can say unequivocally that Ed’s presentations in regards to “Professionalism in the Workplace” and the “Exceeding Expectations” have been foundational in helping us build a culture of excellence. While it is arguable about who might be the best of the best, I believe Ed’s consultancy to our facility has at the very least put us in the conversation!
Gary Fisher, Executive Director Cirque Lodge

This 4-hour presentation conveys what most CEOs would like to say, but is coming from a noted professional interventionist. The message is delivered with acceptance and credibility.

Perfect for the new hire and for those tenured employees that would like to refresh their customer relations skills.

Ed Storti’s presentation on professionalism inspired our team and improved the quality of service to our patients. We are a better organization today because of Ed’s insight.

Daniel Voorhees, CEO Serenity Lodge

Key Areas Addressed Are:

Attitude, Enthusiasm, Dress, Ethics and Product knowledge.

Results show that when the focus is on Professionalism there are fewer patients walking out of treatment and less complaints of lack of service. This is the primary focus of Exceeding Customer Expectations, taking on each topic, breaking it down, and providing key points of learning that can be taken back to the workplace.

Staff Harmony

Staff disharmony brings client disharmony. This looks at every day work environment, and special circumstances like an employee who leaves an organization, and how this leaving can be done with dignity and gratitude versus trying to blame others for their dissatisfaction.

Communications / Speech 101

Public speaking is a fear most people have, and tackling it head on is important in the recovery environment.

I have been fortunate to have attended Ed’s intervention training and watched as he presented at the Flight Attendant Drug & Alcohol Program Conference for two consecutive years. He is an incredible presenter and can definitely hold his audience’s attention.
Lyn Garrett CAC II, CIP

This four-hour seminar condenses a lifetime of work and experienced gained by Storti into manageable and memorable coursework.

Customer relations is critical in every business, and alcohol and addiction treatment centers are no different.


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Certificates: Course Completion certificates will be awarded at the end of the course in exchange for a completed evaluation form. Course meets the qualifications for 4 hours of continuing education credit for LMFT's, LCSW's, LPCC's and LEP's as required by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences.
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