• ✓ You Are Paid To Be Mentally ON not OFF
  • ✓ Hedging Against Complaints—the 3 “A”
  • ✓ Personality Traits That Can Get You Hired
  • ✓ First 7 seconds
  • ✓ Style –3 Points “the AMP”
  • ✓ Why a Client Picks the Solution
  • ✓ The 150 Rule
  • ✓ Temptations—using your GPS

  • ✓ Employee Theft
  • ✓ Profanity vs Spirituality
  • ✓ Powerful Words Scar
  • ✓ Credibility
  • ✓ Professional / Intangible Knowledge
  • ✓ Treat The Client as a Prospect not as a Customer
  • ✓ When in Doubt be What?
  • ✓ The 3 Major Supports in being a Professional

  • ✓ Staff Recommendations
  • ✓ Enjoy the Voyage
  • ✓ Discipline / Accountability
  • ✓ How to Handle Staff Problems
  • ✓ Be a Team
  • ✓ Sabotaging Success
  • ✓ If Leaving—no Need to be Mad
  • ✓ Dreams Fade

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Being a grandparent of the Intervention movement in the United States, Ed Storti is revered and respected by all who have followed his career. Although there are numerous reasons for this reputation, one of them is his impeccable professionalism,steadfastly maintained throughout his auspicious career. This professionalism is evident in his personal life, interventions, lectures and leadership and will be a cornerstone of his legacy.

Cherlyne Short Majors, PhD Consultant and Executive Coach
At Cirque Lodge we have always aspired to be the best of the best in our field. I can say unequivocally that Ed’s presentations in regards to “Professionalism in the Workplace” and the “Exceeding Expectations” have been foundational in helping us build a culture of excellence. While it is arguable about who might be the best of the best, I believe Ed’s consultancy to our facility has at the very least put us in the conversation!
Gary Fisher, Executive Director Cirque Lodge

Ed Storti’s presentation on professionalism inspired our team and improved the quality of service to our patients. We are a better organization today because of Ed’s insight.

Daniel Voorhees, CEO Serenity Lodge
I have been fortunate to have attended Ed’s intervention training and watched as he presented at the Flight Attendant Drug & Alcohol Program Conference for two consecutive years. He is an incredible presenter and can definitely hold his audience’s attention.
Lyn Garrett CAC II, CIP


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