Crisis Intervention


Crisis Intervention: Acting Against Addiction was first published in 1988 and was a bestseller. This is the first independent printing of the book, self-published by Ed Storti to fulfill frequent requests for the unavailable book. With some edits to bring the book up to date, this special edition of Crisis Intervention is a keepsake and recommended for every recovery library.

In case studies culled from the more than 1,000 interventions he has performed, Storti describes the technique of involving the addict’s family, friends and co-workers in a program designed to persuade the substance-dependent person to seek help in a treatment center. In one of the first books about addiction intervention, the author delineates professional standards to be looked for in selecting an interventionist.



The Storti Model

The Storti Model of Intervention represents the highest standard for quality family services in the industry.The centerpiece of Ed’s work is “Motivational Kindness.”

Jerry McDonald
Business Development & Admissions
Betty Ford Center (Retired)


My heart and soul are always filled with gratitude and joy when I look across a room to see our participants or staff engaged in one of Ed Storti’s incredibly powerful presentations.

Mike Schaub
Senior Director of Community Relations
Social Model Recovery Systems


As a grandparent of generations of intervention specialists, Ed Storti set a gold standard of integrity, safety and professionalism in addiction treatment. Ed is one of a kind warrior with legions of people whom he has influenced, guided & taught.

Cherlyne Short Majors, PhD.
Senior Strategic Advisor
Constellation Behavior Health


Simply said, Ed Storti is the consummate professional. His vast experience and knowledge coupled with his humility and deep compassion make for one very special human being. He has been a great mentor but above that, a true friend.

Bill Ryan, Intervention Specialist
CEO Ryan Recovery Group


Ed always makes me feel like I am the only person in the room. His presentations are highly prepared and impeccably presented.

Patti Pike
CanAm Intervention Services


Ed Storti is a man of high integrity whose life exemplifies an honorable approach to every relationship. His model of Motivational Intervention continues to stand out as one that truly communicates love and dignity and seeks healing for the entire family.

Bill & Linda Woodbury
Co-authors of Enable–ism

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