As an international certified Alcoholism and Drug Counselor and Intervention Specialist, Ed Storti has developed a model to help you determine whether motivational intervention can help. This model is made of several services.

One chief contribution of The Storti Model is that it adapts the model to the patient's needs and the family's situation. The intervention specialist creates a positive presentation, choreographed to aid the group in performing the presentation with dignity and clarity. "Our findings have shown that there is no difference in accepting one's disease whether the patient made the first call or was intervened upon," reports Mr. Storti. Patients often make the first call only when they find themselves virtually destroyed. In The Wall Street Journal, a client of Mr. Storti reports that, "My husband was slowly dying." She adds that Mr. Storti's intervention was "a gift of life". (WSJ, October 23, 1995).

Mr. John Allen of the National Institutes of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism said, "We allow people to lose a lot of their lives because we get queasy about raising the issue. But you don't do the person any favors this way. Fact is, it's treatable." (Ibid.)

The key is Motivational Intervention™, the central theme of Mr. Storti's model. The positive presentation aspect of the model helps the patient acknowledge the need for help while they still can feel hope, love and respect.

Mr. Storti's steps are based on sound principles and the experience of over 3,500 interventions. A Storti Model intervention creates insight for the addict and provides a positive experience that leads to taking action.

Available Services Are as Follows: