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“Ed Storti has been a Preferred Provider for Family Interventions for the Betty Ford Center since our opening in 1982.
Ed is the consummate professional. I have personally observed his work since we became friends and colleagues over 37 years ago.
The "Storti Model" of Intervention represents the highest standard for quality family services in the Industry. The centerpiece of Ed"s work is "motivational kindness".
Families needing assistance in moving a loved one to get help are in great hands with Ed Storti.”

Jerry McDonald Business Development & Admissions - Betty Ford Center (Retired)

"Within three minutes after we started talking, dad was in tears, and so was everyone else. Within 10 minutes Ed had him admitting he was an alcoholic and within 45 he agreed to treatment."

Connie Jacobson Daily Breeze - How To Tell An Addict You’re Killing Yourself, Verne Palmer, January 7, 1996, Page H1

"Each patient arrives on our doorstep like a very carefully wrapped package, (All) we need to do is take the ribbon off and let the work begin."

Nancy Waite-O’Brien, Ph.D Former Clinical Director of the Betty Ford Center

"(Mr. Storti is) the consummate professional who not only provides extraordinary pre-admission consultation but offers exceptional follow-up to both patients and family members."

Jeffrey E. Donnelly Former Program Director for the Chemical Dependency Center - Hoag Memorial Hospital

"As a grandparent of generations of Intervention Specialists, Ed Storti set a gold standard of integrity, safety and professionalism in Addiction Treatment.  Revered by generations of families, colleagues and aspiring interventionists, Ed is a one-of-a-kind warrior with legions of people whom he has influenced, guided and taught.  In that role as educator, he continues to challenge treatment centers and professionals in the field from medical doctors, nurses, dentists, addiction counselors and interventionists with his wisdom, clarity and kindness."

Cherlyne Short Majors Ph.D - Senior Strategic Advisor - Constellation Behavioral Health

"Ed Storti came to my house with several of my friends.  They had approached me many times with their concern regarding my “problem.”  I had lost any hope or desire to stop drinking.  Their support along with Ed’s “magic” convinced me to go to treatment.  That was 25 years ago.  Thanks, Ed, you saved my life."

Steve Jackson

“My heart and soul are always filled with gratitude and joy when I look across a room to see our participants or staff engaged in one of Ed Storti’s incredibly powerful presentations.  Ed’s knowledge, experience, energy and integrity consistently creates a pleasant and riveting learning experience for our all Agency In-Service Trainings as well as our public continuing Education//Networking events.  In my opinion, in our industry, Ed Storti is an extremely well respected presenter, interventionist, historian and gentleman.  It just doesn’t get any better!”

Mike Schaub Senior Director of Community Relations - Social Model Recovery Systems

"Ed Storti utilizes his vast experience in treatment recovery to assist both the clients of New Found Life as well as their families.  Mr. Storti’s presentations are vital to the New Found Life Program as they offer essential tools to those affected by the disease of chemical dependency.  His contribution is an indispensable component to the success of our clients and we are immensely grateful to have him at our facility.”

Jeremy Frank New Found Life